How to Notify Your Virtual Audience before Starting a Livestream

When you schedule a livestream, a countdown timer will appear on your fundraising page to let donors know when the livestream will start. Sometimes, you may want to provide donors with an additional reminder or share other important information about your livestream.

This article will share information about leaving a message for your virtual audience before starting your livestream.

Leave a message for my virtual audience

There are several reasons you may want to leave a message for your virtual audience before the start of your livestream. You may want to:

  • Leave a message on the page letting donors know they are in the right place, and your livestream will be starting soon.
  • Let the audience know that you are starting soon.
  • Send a personalized message of excitement to your audience.
  • Convey any last-minute logistical information your audience needs to know.

How do I leave a message?

Follow the steps below to leave a message for your virtual audience before starting your livestream.

  1. Click on Experiences in the left menu.
  2. If you have chosen a list view, click on the title of your experience. If you have selected a grid view, click on the experience image.
  3. Click Livestream Studio
  4. Click Edit Placeholder as shown in the image below.
  5. Click Display Custom Text and enter your message in the area shown below. Click Publish when done.
  6. To post this message on your fundraiser page, click Start stream mode.

Send an email reminder 

Starting stream mode will change your fundraiser page to livestream mode and display your welcome message for the audience.

A popup box will appear that gives you the option to email your donors. Check the box and enter your email message. Click START STREAM MODE to send the email and post the welcome message on the fundraiser page.

Your message will appear as it does on the fundraising page shown below.

How to start my livestream

When you want to start your livestream, click Join Backstage in the Livestream Studio to enter the event. When you’re ready, click Go Live to begin the event with your audience.

If you have any questions about leaving a message for your audience before starting your livestream, please reach out to our customer success team for additional support.

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