How Does a Donation Page Differ from a Crowdfunding Fundraiser?

RallyUp offers two convenient options for fundraising: a donation page and a crowdfunding experience. These two separate entities have unique features and can be used for different purposes. While donation pages and crowdfunding experiences allow you to accept donations to benefit your organization, a crowdfunding experience has many more features than a donation page. Explore the differences between these two fundraising styles to help decide which will best suit your needs below. 

A donation page

A crowdfunding fundraiser

  • Can offer gifts for various donation levels
  • Allows you to add images, videos, and a description of your organization
  • Enables an optional story that lets donors know what their contributions will be used for
  • Offers the option of team fundraising, which allows others to get involved and help raise funds
  • Has an end date
    View a sample crowdfunding campaign here.

Both donation pages and crowdfunding experiences

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