Understand: Crowdfunding Experiences vs. Donation Pages

Learn how Donation Pages differ from Crowdfunding Experiences and decide which is best for you.

RallyUp offers two convenient options for accepting flat donations: a Donation Page and a Crowdfunding Experience. Both have unique features and can be used for different purposes. Explore the differences between these two fundraising styles to help decide which will best suit your needs below. 

Donation Pages (Premium Feature)

If you're a RallyUp+ subscriber, Donation Pages offer donors a streamlined, one-page donation experience aimed toward convenience and speed. Donation Pages have no end date, allowing you to accept donations year-round even when you're not hosting a scheduled fundraiser.

Donation Page features include:

  • Donation StoryButtons for preset donation amounts
  • Smart Funds Allocation options that allow donors to choose how their donations are used
  • Recurring Donation Upsell to encourage donors to switch a one-time donation to a recurring donation
  • Total Custom Branding so your Donation Page perfectly matches your organization's brand
  • No Platform Fee or Donor Tipping so your organization can keep more of the funds you raise (donations are still subject to card processing fees, which RallyUp does not charge)

To learn more about Donation Pages, view a sample Donation Page or read the following Knowledge Base article: Understand: Donation Pages (Premium Feature)

You can learn more about RallyUp+ and our premium fundraising features in this KB article: Understand: The RallyUp+ Subscription Plan.

Crowdfunding Experiences

Crowdfunding Experiences are fundraisers that have a scheduled beginning and end date. Crowdfunding Experiences can also be combined with other fundraising activities to create a unique fundraiser that suits your organization's needs.

When you create a Crowdfunding Experience, you can:

  • Offer Perks for various donation levels
  • Add images, videos, and an organization description to your Experience Page
  • Enable an optional story that lets donors know what their contributions will be used for
  • Add Peer-to-Peer fundraising so your donors can get involved and help raise funds

To learn more about Crowdfunding Experiences, view a sample Crowdfunding Experience or read the following KB article: Crowdfunding Fundraisers: What You Need to Know.

Both Options

Donation Pages and Crowdfunding Experiences both have the following features:

  • Text-to-Give capability (to learn more, see this KB article: How-to: Promote Your Experience with Text-to-Give)
  • Customizable preset donation amounts for donors to choose from
  • Custom fields to collect donor data during checkout
  • Payment method options so you control how donors can pay (see this KB article: Which Payment Methods Does RallyUp Accept?)
  • Confirmation emails that are automatically sent to the donor and act as tax receipts
  • Recurring donation setup so donors can send the same donation monthly, weekly, etc.
    • Note that when your Crowdfunding Experience ends, all recurring donations set up through the Experience will be canceled. If you want to increase the number of recurring donations your organization receives, we suggest setting up a Donation Page, as they're intended to remain active for longer.

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