How Do I Customize the Link for My Participant Center?

Learn how to personalize the link for your participant center in a few simple steps.

Creating a custom link for your participant center makes it more memorable for sharing purposes. You can easily update your link to include verbiage your experience participants and their network will recognize. 

  1. Go to Experiences in the left menu.
  2. If you have chosen list view, click on the title of your experience. If you have chosen grid view, click on the experience image.
  3. Click Participant Center* in the timeline at the top.
  4. Customize your link under the section titled, Personalize the link to your participant* center.
  5. Click SAVE at the bottom of the page. 


*Note: In this article, we used the term “participants,” but this terminology could be different (e.g., students, members, employees, runners, etc.) depending on your experience settings.

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