Understand: How Raffle and Sweepstakes Entry Numbers Are Assigned

Learn how RallyUp automatically generates digital entry numbers for each Raffle or Sweepstakes entry purchase.

Whenever someone purchases Raffle or Sweepstakes entries*, RallyUp automatically assigns digital entry numbers to each entry so you can easily draw a winner.  

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These entry numbers will be displayed on donor receipts so each donor knows which entry numbers are theirs:

Entry Number Format

Entry numbers are assigned in numerical order (e.g., W100, W101, W102, W103). When someone buys multiple entries, they’ll be given a range of entry numbers (e.g., W100–W150).


All entry numbers have a one-letter prefix that tells you how the entry was purchased:

  • All entries purchased online will have entry numbers starting with W (e.g., W123).
  • All entries purchased offline will have entry numbers starting with P (e.g., P123).
  • All bonus entries received in exchange for a tip will have entry numbers starting with T (e.g., T123). 

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  • All bonus entries received through RallyUp's Sharing Rewards program will have entry numbers starting with B (e.g., B123). 

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Entries with different prefixes are processed separately. For example, entries W123 and P123 would be considered separate entries, even though they use the same number. 

Good to Know

  • RallyUp also allows you to accept offline entries for both Raffles and Sweepstakes. You can manually assign entry numbers to offline entries or allow the system to automatically assign entry numbers for you:

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*Exact wording may differ according to Experience settings.

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