Understand: Restrictions for Offering Firearms as Prizes

Learn why you may not be able to use a firearm as a prize.

While RallyUp does not have an issue with offering a firearm as a prize, it does violate Stripe's terms of service and PayPal's acceptable use policy.

If Stripe or PayPal detects this violation, they can shut down your organization’s funding account in the middle of an Experience, which would prevent your organization from collecting funds. Your organization would need to either cancel the Experience entirely, or end the Experience early and award the prize immediately. In the event of a cancellation, donors would need to be notified, and donations would have to be refunded. Per RallyUp, PayPal, and Stripe’s terms of service, any platform fees and credit card processing fees (including tips) are non-refundable.

To avoid this situation, RallyUp encourages you to proactively reach out to Stripe or PayPal to see if they will grant an exception.

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