What Is Experience Chatter?

Experience Chatter consists of the comments that donors leave on your fundraising page after they give. Allowing donors to share their excitement and enthusiasm can boost overall engagement and help reach and encourage new donors to participate.

How it works

After submitting their payment, donors will be directed to a confirmation page. This page will prompt them to leave a comment. After entering text on the highlighted line, they will click POST COMMENT to make their comment public. 

How comments display 

Comments are shown under the “Chatter & Donations” section on the fundraising page. 

Is chatter required?

Experience chatter is enabled by default but can be disabled. You can disable experience chatter by following the directions given in the article below.
Can I Remove the Ability for Donors to Leave Comments on My Fundraising Page?

Remove a comment

Experience administrators can edit or remove comments by following the directions given in the article below.
How Do I Edit the Campaign Chatter?

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