Understand: Advocate Fundraising

Fundraise for an organization even if you’re not directly affiliated with them.

If you want to support a charity organization but you’re not an employee or registered volunteer, RallyUp allows you to set up an advocate fundraiser. Advocates are individuals or businesses who aren’t directly affiliated with an organization but still want to raise funds on their behalf.

How Advocate Fundraisers Work

  1. Create your RallyUp account.
  2. Set up and publish your fundraising Experience. RallyUp will collect the funds as they’re donated.
  3. After a 30-day holding period, RallyUp will send all funds to the organization using the address registered in the IRS database.

Raise Funds for a US Organization

If the organization you want to support is based in the US, you can set up your RallyUp account right away:

  1. Create an account. Once your account is set up, you’ll be prompted to tell us more about the organization you want to raise funds for:
  2. Select the state where the organization is located.
  3. In the “I’m with a…” field, select Other. (see above screenshot)
  4. In the “fundraising for…” field, select Charity or nonprofit. (see above screenshot)
  5. Click on Start fundraising to begin creating your fundraiser.

Raise Funds for a Non-US Organization

If the organization you want to support is based outside the US, there is a special setup process to raise funds in the local currency. Please contact someone at the organization to let them know of your plans. The organization will need to follow the instructions in this KB article before you can start fundraising: How-to: Allow Supporters to Fundraise for Your Non-US Organization

Raffles and Sweepstakes

Raffles and sweepstakes have some restrictions to protect organizations from fraud and ensure their compliance with the law. Read this KB article to learn how to get authorization for these fundraising activities: How to Run a Charity Raffle or Sweepstakes If You Are an Individual

Good to Know

  • The name of the charity will be displayed on your fundraising page and can’t be removed. This lets donors know exactly where their money is going and gives your fundraiser credibility.
  • RallyUp distributes the funds directly to the organization to prevent fraud. This gives donors confidence that their donation will reach the intended organization.

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