Can Donors Contribute Anonymously?

Learn more about RallyUp's privacy and anonymity options for donors.

RallyUp values the privacy of all users and donors. To ensure that donors' privacy preferences are met, we offer the option to donate to experiences anonymously. Donors can choose to:

  • Hide their name
  • Hide their donation amount
  • Have their donation show in another name

These options only apply to a fundraiser that chooses to show a list of contributions on the fundraiser page. 

While donors can hide this information on the fundraising page, their information cannot remain completely anonymous to the organization. If they are purchasing items or tickets, their contact information is required for fulfilling the delivery of items, tickets, prizes, or other physical goods.

The option to give anonymously is selected during the checkout process. Here are the options donors will see:

When donors elect to give anonymously, their information will appear on the fundraising page as shown below:

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