Crowdfunding Reports

When you run a simple crowdfunding experience, you will have access to crowdfunding-specific reports.

This article will share the purpose and practical use of this report and what information it contains.

Simple Crowdfunding Experience

For a simple crowdfunding experience, the report available in View Donations allows you to access all donor and donation information collected on your experience. To find out more about this report, click on the article below.
View and Export a List of Donations and Donor Information

Many organizations use this information to add donors to a mailing list to share updates or marketing emails with them. This report gives you the information required to reconcile your experience once it’s completed.

Crowdfunding with Perks

When you run a crowdfunding experience with Perks, you will have access to a specific report. You can assess the “View Crowdfunding Perks” report by clicking the icon shown below.

View Crowdfunding Perks

The report generated when you click “View Crowdfunding Perks” allows you to access information about the perks (some type of merchandise or incentive for donors given at the donation levels specified) purchased during your experience. The information contained in this report includes:

  • Date
  • Name
  • Email
  • Amount: Amount of the specific perk purchased
  • Perk: Title of the perk
  • Quantity: Quantity or perks purchased
  • Payment Status: Show the status of the related payment

If a single transaction included more than one different perk, it would be shown as multiple rows in the report export. If a single transaction included multiples of the same perk, it would be shown as a single row with the appropriate quantity noted.

Many organizations use this report to understand how many perks they sold and what percentage of the overall amount they raised during a mix-and-match experience featuring crowdfunding came from crowdfunding. This report is also used for perk fulfillment.

Crowdfunding with Team Fundraising

To learn more about the team fundraising reports that can be generated through RallyUp, check out this article.
Team Fundraising Reports

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