Understand: RallyUp Fundraising Activities

Learn about the fundraising Activities that RallyUp offers and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Each fundraising Activity offered by RallyUp provides a unique way for donors to engage with your organization. You can run one Activity at a time or combine them to create a multi-Activity fundraising Experience.


Raffles allow donors to purchase entries into a drawing for a chance to win a prize. 

Charity Raffles: What You Need to Know

  • Raffles are considered gambling by the IRS and are regulated as such.
  • You can set up your Raffle so that donors can purchase entries for a chance to win any of the prizes listed, a specific prize, or a cash prize. 
  • Raffle winners can be drawn randomly by the RallyUp system, or you can draw them manually.
  • Raffle entries can be sold online and in person. Entries sold offline will need to be manually entered into the system.


Like Raffles, Sweepstakes also allow donors to purchase entries into a drawing or enter for free for a chance to win a prize. Unlike Raffles, Sweepstakes are not considered gambling by the IRS because you must give donors the option to enter for free. 

Charity Sweepstakes: What You Need to Know

Raffles and Sweepstakes: What's the Difference?

  • RallyUp allows one free entry request per unique email address. RallyUp takes care of entering all free entries.
  • Sweepstakes must have official rules displayed on your Experience Page. These official rules are generated automatically during setup and can be edited by RallyUp to include specific eligibility requirements, if needed.
  • The RallyUp system must draw the winner randomly to comply with Sweepstakes regulations; manual drawing is not permitted.


Auctions allow donors to place bids on items, and the highest bidder wins the item. Auctions are available with Unlimited or Custom pricing.

Understand: Charity Auctions

Understand: RallyUp Pricing Options

  • You can choose between an English style (traditional) Auction or a Proxy bidding (E-bay style) Auction based on the needs of your organization and donors.
  • When a donor is outbid, they are automatically notified by email. They can also opt for text notifications.
  • The winning bidder’s credit card is automatically charged at the end of the Auction.
  • If you include the fair market value when you add an item, the winner’s notification email can be used as a tax receipt.
  • RallyUp creates a unique link for each item to replace cumbersome bid sheets.

Events & Ticketing

Events allow donors to purchase tickets for an in-person or virtual gathering such as (but not limited to) a gala, festival, or charity livestream. 

How-to: Create Event Tickets and Packages

  • Donors can easily go online and purchase tickets from your Experience Page.
  • You can sell individual tickets, allow donors to purchase multiple tickets at a time in packages, or both.
  • You can also sell a limited number of tickets or offer certain ticket types for a limited time.
  • Attendees can be checked in online.
  • Livestreaming is available with Unlimited or Custom pricing.
  • If you're running a Livestream, you can require donors to purchase tickets to access it.


Crowdfunding allows donors to directly donate to your organization for as long as the fundraiser is live. 

Crowdfunding Fundraisers: What You Need to Know

  • You can accept one-time donations, recurring donations, or both.
  • Offer merchandise or perks for higher donation levels to incentivize donors and boost the funds you raise.


A-Thons allow your supporters to help you fundraise by completing a certain number of units of an activity (e.g., run 100 laps) in exchange for donations. Donors can then sponsor participants by pledging to donate a certain amount of money per unit of activity completed (e.g., $1 per lap).

A-Thon Fundraisers: What You Need to Know

  • Your A-Thon can feature just one or multiple participants. If you allow multiple participants, Peer-to-Peer is automatically enabled (see below).
  • You can add whatever activity you like. If you're using Free pricing, you can add one activity per A-Thon. If you're using Unlimited or Custom pricing, you can add multiple activities to one A-Thon and let participants choose which one they want to complete.


Peer-to-Peer is not a stand-alone Activity, but can be added to any Activity except for Auctions. Peer-to-Peer allows individuals and groups to participate in the fundraising experience and help promote the fundraiser.

What Is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?

  • You can allow supporters to sign up as individuals, teams, or both.
  • Each participant or team receives their own fundraising page to share with family and friends through social media, text, or email.
  • Offer prizes and display leaderboards to foster friendly competition and incentivize participants.

Store (Sales)

An online Store allows you to sell items that benefit your organization. 

Adding Items to a Sale Fundraiser

  • You can include an unlimited number of items in your Store.
  • You can also add variations to each item (e.g., color, size, style).

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