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Understand: Instant Fundraiser Templates

Use templates to quickly and easily create a fundraising Experience.

When you need to create a fundraiser quickly, RallyUp's Instant Fundraiser Templates can save time and effort. Each template pre-selects your Experience settings, so all you need to do is add your organization information and some details about the fundraiser. 

Instant Fundraiser Templates are different from copying an existing Experience. When you copy an Experience, all of that Experience's settings are transferred to the new one. When you use an Instant Fundraiser Template, some options are pre-filled with generic information and descriptions, but you'll likely need to make a few changes before you go live. 

Choose a Template

  1. Select Experiences from the left menu.
  2. Select NEW EXPERIENCE in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the template you would like to use:

  1. Click on Use this template:

Once you've selected a template, you'll be taken to Experience setup, where most customization options have been pre-filled with generic text. Before you go live, ensure you've updated the following fields. You can use the pre-filled text as a guide if needed.

  • Experience title
  • Time zone
  • Experience start date
  • Experience end date
  • Banner image
  • Experience description
  • Organization description
  • Any relevant items, such as Auction items, Peer-to-Peer registration types, ticket options, etc. 
  • Sponsors
  • FAQs

Good To Know

  • If you can't find a template that suits your needs, we suggest starting with a blank Experience to create a custom option. If you have feedback or suggestions for templates to add in the future, let us know.

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