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Manage Your Fundraiser

Learn how to manage all of your RallyUp fundraisers from one centralized location.

For your convenience, your fundraisers are all created and managed from a central place within your RallyUp account. To view your experiences, create new ones, or manage existing ones, just navigate to your Experiences in the left menu.

If you don’t see your experience listed there, it may be archived. Try checking the “Show archived experiences” checkbox near the bottom of the page to reveal your archived experiences. 

Good To Know

  • You can delete any “draft” status experience by hovering over the experience in the table, then clicking the three-dot menu on the right.
  • You can archive experiences in that three-dot menu as well. Archiving inactive experiences makes it easier for you to find and manage your current experiences.
    Archive a Completed or Cancelled Campaign
  • You can also copy any experience in seconds to get a new fundraiser up and running using the “copy experience” option.
    Copy a Campaign

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